It’s almost the end of November, the summer holidays are in sight and this Sparkling JOYA® Apple Sangria is a delicious way to ring in the festive season.

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Sangria, originating in Spain and Portugal is usually made with red wine (a Spanish Rioga for example) with the addition of chopped fruit that range from stone fruit, pears, cherries and even pineapple. For this Apple Sangria recipe I decided to use white wine, a Chenin Blanc, and apple cider to yield a beautiful and festive golden colour, reminiscent of our African summer sunsets.

For crunch and flavour and beautiful pops of red, thinly sliced JOYA® apples replaces the traditional stone fruit. A firm, sweet and crunchy apple, JOYA® apples are a loaded with natural sugars, vitamins and minerals and are a healthy choice for out-door loving families and is a great snack for the young and young at heart. The JOYA® apples not only add colour but delicious texture while sipping on the sangria. I find using a dry apple cider ensures the sangria that is not overly sweet, with the apples adding enough sweetness while enjoying the sangria, topped up with soda or sparkling water for some fizz at the time of serving. For a non alcoholic version, replace the wine and cider with 800ml apple juice and 400ml sparkling water.

I hope you enjoy making this recipe for Sparkling JOYA® Apple Sangria. If you’ve made it, share it with me by tagging @heinstirred on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #heinstirred. It is always a treat to see the recipes made and enjoy. JOYA® apples are now available at PicknPay and Woolworths.

Sparkling JOYA® Apple Sangria


  • 750 ml white wine Chenin Blanc, chilled
  • 500 ml apple cider chilled
  • 3 JOYA® apples cored and sliced
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • 5 lemon slices
  • ice
  • 250 ml cold sparkling/soda water


  • Mix the wine, apple cider, apples, lemon juice and lemon slices in a large jug and chill for an hour
  • Place the ice in a large clean jug
  • Add the sangria mix
  • Top with sparkling water and serve immediately
  • For a non alcoholic version, replace the wine and cider with 800ml apple juice and 400ml sparkling water

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