I have no doubt that it is a bit of a stretch calling this Limoncello Tiramisu a tiramisu but to be honest I prefer that it sounds more familiar than a Limoncello Parfait. So I will go with my cheeky name and apologise to all Italians in the same breath.

Besides the principles of a tiramisu remain the same in this recipe and all I did was replace the coffee with limoncello and added spoonfuls of lemon curd. The end result is a fabulously fresh and citrusy dessert. This Limoncello Tiramisu is a quick dessert for any occasion all year round but with the festive holiday season almost upon us, I think this one is a winning dessert.

For a dessert that’s not overly rich, I replaced the usual mascarpone cheese with labneh, a favourite ingredient of mine. You can get the super easy recipe for labneh here. Mix the labneh  with a teaspoon of vanilla extract for added flavour and I think that sweetening the labneh is optional as there is enough more than enough sugar in the limoncello and lemon curd. You want to taste the individual layers and flavours and too much sugar will just mask it. If the labneh is very thick, thin it down slightly with milk of pouring cream to a “spoonable” consistency. For the lemon curd, I used good old shop bought but if you have lemon tree groaning with fruit, do make your own.

Do note the quantities in the recipe is indicative, it will ultimately depend on the size of the glasses you use

I hope you enjoy this recipe for Limoncello Tiramisu. Remember to share your pics with me on Instagram when you’ve made it.


  • For 4 individual portions. Measurements are approximate as it will depend on the size of the glass you use
  • 8 - 12 finger biscuits
  • 125 ml limoncello
  • 250 g labneh or mascarpone
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Caster sugar to sweeten the labneh or mascarpone optional
  • 250 ml lemon curd


  • Mix the vanilla and sugar (if used) with the labneh and set aside
  • Halve the biscuits and place a few pieces in the bottom of a serving or drinking glass
  • Pour some limoncello on top
  • Add a layer of lemon curd then a layer of labneh
  • Add another layer of biscuits and splash the rest of the limoncello on top
  • Add another layer of labneh
  • End with a layer of lemon curd
  • Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for a few hours
  • Remove the plastic and serve
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