How To Make Almond Milk

This post about How to make Almond Milk comes from one of my favourite shoots of the year.

How To Make Almond Milk How To Make Almond Milk

It was one of those “play date” shoots I have with my friend and regular collaborator Caro de Waal where we worked on shooting a range of vegan milk images for my Stockfood portfolio. The creative energy just flowed that day and I think we managed to create some beautiful images which I wanted to share with this recipe for delicious home made almond milk. The recipe is super easy and I think the result so much better than store bought.

How To Make Almond Milk

You will require a little bit of planning as the nuts have to soak overnight (at least) but other than that it is pretty straight forward and besides for some cheese cloth and a food processor or blender, you don’t need any special equipment.

How To Make Almond Milk How To Make Almond Milk

There is no wastage as the leftover almond meal can be added to smoothies or your breakfast oatmeal. Spread the meal out on a baking tray and bake in a low oven until completely dry (about 3 hours) and add it to baked goods like muffins.  You can keep the dried meal in the freezer for up to 3 months.

How To Make Almond Milk

How To Make Almond Milk

How to make Almond Milk


  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 2 cups fresh water


  1. Place the almonds in a bowl and cover with water making sure all the nuts are covered
  2. Let the nuts soak overnight or for 24 hours
  3. Drain and rinse and place the nuts in a food processor or blender
  4. Add the 2 cups of fresh water
  5. Blend the nuts and water until you have a very find mixture - about 4 - 5 minutes
  6. Line a strainer with cheese cloth and pour the mixture into the strainer
  7. Gather the cloth and with your hands squeeze all the milk from the meal
  8. It should yield around 2 cups of milk
  9. Store the milk in the fridge for up to 2 days
  10. Refer to the blog post for ideas of what to do with the meal
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