Four Summer Dressings
Four Summer Dressings
Four Summer Dressings

Summer brings an abundance of textures and colours to our plates. For me summer is about platters of meze and tapas, vegetables in many incarnations, be it fresh, roasted, marinated or pickled. And of course piles and piles of salads, brimming with freshness, crunch and vibrance, alongside meats grilled outside on the barbecue. Not forgetting ice cream, sorbets and boozy ice lollies.

Four Summer Dressings

Making dressing has got to be the easiest way of adding additional layers of flavour to salads. But dressings are not confined to just salad. Brush a just barbecued mushroom skewer with a zesty and herby vinaigrette to lift the mushroom flavours. Make a boerewors roll (a barbecued sausage hotdog) but use lamb sausage and replace the usual tomato sauce and mustard with a yoghurt mint dressing (add some chili to the dressing for a bit of added heat). Serve roasted butternut chunks with a tahini dressing or a roasted garlic dressing (roast the garlic with the vegetable) and sprinkle it with some salted, roasted pumpkin seeds.

The flavour and ingredient combinations are endless really. I seem to have at least one or two of these Four Summer Dressings below in the fridge at any one time. Great to perk up a quick tuna lunch salad or to drizzle over some midweek roast veggies, they are easy to make and worth having in the fridge.

Four Summer Dressings

 Think grilled or barbecued mushrooms, grilled fish, chickpeas and couscous.

[yumprint-recipe id=’31’]Four Summer Dressings

Think crispy pita bread chips, chicken mayo sandwiches, dipping sauce for vegetable fritters or tempura.

[yumprint-recipe id=’34’]Four Summer Dressings

Think corn on the cob, drizzle over roast potatoes, grilled fish, pasta and bean salads.

[yumprint-recipe id=’33’]Four Summer Dressings

Think baby potatoes, lamb burgers or meatballs, roasted aubergine, crudites.

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