Food Photography Workshop
I am so happy to confirm that our next Food Photography Workshop will be in the Cape Town City Centre and takes place on Sunday 21 August 2016. As before the day is a collaboration with fellow FoodPhoto photographer Francois Pistorius and well known stylist, author and market madam Isabella Niehaus. We have joined forces with the Inner City Ideas Cartel and they will host the workshop in their stunning Loop Street space.

Food Photography Workshop

Earlier this year saw the release of the book “Die Storie van ‘n Huis – Fabels en Feeste van La Creuzette” that Francois and I photographed in France. It was through working with Isabella that the opportunity crossed our paths, so we have joined forces to share our knowledge and how we do things.


The Inner City Ideas Cartel space provides the perfect creative setting with various types of light and ample visual textures for us to play with. This workshop is a great opportunity to get more comfortable with your camera as we are there every step of the way, assisting with settings and hands on support for you to work at getting the perfect shot.


The aim of our food photography workshop is for it to be a creative space to play and practise so we will try to keep the theory and talking to an absolute minimum and spend most of the day composing and taking photographs. We need a minimum of 6 participants and will cap it at 10 participants for the day. Isabella will also cook one of her famous lunches to make sure we are all well taken care of.

Food Photography Workshop

We will start the day at 9am with a brief chat by each of us on the following subjects:

Light: Understanding and how to read light
Styling: Food styling basics
Composition: How to approach a photograph

The rest of the day is practical photography with ingredients and dishes available and the three of us to offer assistance with composition, technical queries or to hold reflector boards while you take that perfect shot.

Food Photography Workshop

The workshop is not just for people with DSLR cameras. Bring the camera you are using and we will work with it. If it has manual settings even better! As well as your laptop if you are using editing software and would like to look at your photos during the day. If you have a tripod please bring that as well.

The cost of the workshop is R2500 for the day. Please send a mail to hein at heinstirred dot com to book and I will reply with all the necessary details.

We are looking forward to the day and hope to see you there!

Chocolate Miso Brownies
Bone Broth Ramen



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