The best souvenir from a recent trip to Greece was the introduction to the Espresso Freddo, the chic Greek version of an iced coffee, enjoyed by most Greeks come rain or shine. So I think it’s apt that the last post for 2022 is two festive twists on this coffee.

The Espresso Freddo is a double shot of hot espresso, poured into a cocktail shaker or jug with a few ice cubes and then blended with a handheld frother until ice cold and foamy.  Pour it into a glass over fresh ice, sweeten to taste if preferred and enjoy. The key is that you do not crush the ice while frothing, it is not a frappe, the ice is just there to cool down the coffee. If you do not have a frother you could shake the coffee and ice in the cocktail shaker until foamy.

For my first festive twist on the Espresso Freddo, pour tonic water in the glass before topping up with coffee and watch the coffee slowly blend with the tonic. This is so delicious and if you’ve never had a tonic and coffee I do suggest you give it a go.

The second Espresso Freddo twist is a spin on an Irish Coffee and great as an after lunch (or dinner) drink. All you do is add a tot of brandy, whiskey or liqueur of choice to the coffee before frothing. Decorate with a gingerbread biscuit and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these festive ideas for Espresso Freddo and wish you a you a safe and delicious festive season. Thank you to all the lovely comments here and on Instagram during the last year. Remember to always share your photos with me by tagging @heinstirred on Instagram with the hashtag #heinstirred. It is always a treat to see the recipes made and enjoyed.

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  • double shot espresso
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 100 ml tonic water (for variation 1)
  • 15 ml whiskey, brandy or liqueur of your choice (for variation 2)


  • Variation 1
  • Pour the espresso and ice cubes in a jug or cocktail shaker
  • Use a frother and beat the coffee until foamy without crushing the ice
  • Pour the tonic water in a glass and top with the foamy coffee and serve
  • Variation 1
  • Pour the espresso, alcohol and ice cubes in a jug or cocktail shaker
  • Use a frother and beat the coffee until foamy without crushing the ice
  • Pour the foamy coffee in a glass, decorate with a gingerbread biscuit and serve



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