My recipe idea for this Easter Sundae is a combination of 3 recipes coming together for a delicious dessert this Easter. Or any occasion actually, even those nights when watching Netflix would be so much better with a something sweet.

All you need are a few scoops of this Biscoff No Churn Ice Cream, layered with Hot Cross Bun Croutons, found in my recipe for Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream and serve it with a shard of Easter Chocolate Bark, the recipe you can find in this reel:

Luckily this Easter Sundae is super adaptable to your preferences and what you have available. You can use any ice cream you have or enjoy and the hot cross bun croutons can be replaced with chunks of your favourite biscuit or cookie, although I would suggest making it – they are so good.

If you can’t be bothered with making the chocolate bark, garnish the sundae with pieces of chocolate or a good drizzle of melted chocolate or chocolate sauce.

I hope you enjoy this idea for an Easter Sundae and may you have a wonderful weekend. Remember to share your photos with me by tagging @heinstirred on Instagram with the hashtag #heinstirred. It is always a treat to see the recipes made and enjoyed.

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