These cakes are divine! I had wanted to make David Lebovitz’s Orange Syrup Cake since reading about it on his blog in April and when I saw clementines available on Sunday morning it was the perfect time to get some and start baking. I then remembered Sam Linsell’s Clementine Upside Down Cakes and decided (bravely) to combine the recipes and make my own Clementine Almond Cakes.

I used David’s recipe for the batter and syrup, replaced the oranges with 6 clementines and added two teaspoons of baking powder to the dry ingredients. (And I did not make the candied oranges.) I then proceeded to put a teaspoon or so of brown sugar and a slice of clementine in the base of each cavity of the cupcake pan as per Sam’s recipe.

The important thing though is that this recipe makes more batter than 12 cupcakes so I had enough batter to half fill a small loaf tin and bake it at the same time. The alternative would be to use a muffin tin where the cavities holds more batter. You can also bake it as a cake but I think adding the slices at the bottom of the pan and then turning it over will make it very special.

I baked these for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celcius. Test if they are done from about 20 minutes or so. When they were cooked I removed them from the cupcake tin after they had cooled down a bit (but still warm) and brushed them liberally with the gooey syrup.

The nice thing about making it as small cakes is that I was able to freeze some of them and they will be delicious as a quick midweek dessert or sweet snack.


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