6 Healthy Recipes for the New Year

It is January and healthier eating is top of mind for most of us after the last few festive weeks. I decided to do a compilation of my favourite 6 Healthy Recipes for the New Year. These are recipes I have made numerous times and are definite favourites that deliver on flavour, fuss free and will keep everyone satisfied.

The first recipe is the delicious Grilled Haloumi Cous Cous Salad. This summery salad is packed with flavour, texture and a zesty lemon dressing to counteract the salty blandness of the Haloumi cheese.

Haloumi and Couscous Salad

I love this Aloo Gobi for its warm spicy flavours that marry so well with the cauliflower. Serve it without any added carbs like rice or naan bread and you have filling healthy meal.

Aloo Gobi - Cauliflower with Potato

Mention Tabbouleh and I am immediately back in Beirut. This salad packs a herby, zesty punch and I would happily eat it every single day.

Tabbouleh l heinstirred.com

One of my favourite Ottolenghi recipes is this recipe Roasted Aubergine. I have been making it over and over again, I even made it for Xmas this year. Vary the cheese and herb toppings as you please to keep it interesting.

Roasted Aubergine

I am keeping with Middle Eastern flavours with this recipe for Sumac Roast Tomatoes, Lentils and Dukkah Crusted Eggs. The simple and healthy ingredients married with an exotic flavour or two is the ultimate in healthy comfort food.

Sumac Roasted Tomatoes and Lentils, Dukkah Crusted Eggs

I just had to finish this compilation with something sweet and this Pistachio Labneh Ice Cream is rich without being overly sweet. The creaminess comes from the labneh and the pistachio adds a fantastic colour and richness.

Pistachio Labneh Ice Cream

Here’s to a healthy 2016!

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