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Cheat's Chicken Biryani

My recipe for Cheat’s Chicken Biryani is purely there to fulfil my cravings for my favourite comfort food with the least possible effort. As excited as I get to taste interesting flavours and food that is foreign to me, there are two dishes I have a habit of always ordering. If it is Indian it is always Biryani. I seem to never be able to choose anything else off the menu. And when it comes to pizza, it is always…

Paella l heinstirred.com

I think you have to be pretty brave to publish something like a Paella recipe. Somehow you will be doing or adding something that someone somewhere will deem to be wrong and a sacrilege. But since I am not Spanish I guess I can take a liberty or two. Even if it means they will not allow me to enter the country when I next want to visit. And then I still have to mention I used a premixed Paella…

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