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How To Make Almond Milk

This post about How to make Almond Milk comes from one of my favourite shoots of the year. It was one of those “play date” shoots I have with my friend and regular collaborator Caro de Waal where we worked on shooting a range of vegan milk images for my Stockfood portfolio. The creative energy just flowed that day and I think we managed to create some beautiful images which I wanted to share with this recipe for delicious home…

Homemade Ricotta l heinstirred.com

This post was supposed to be about Lebanon’s most famous salad Tabbouleh. But you needs a lot of flat leaf parsley for it and I have this pet hate for buying herbs from retailers when I know full well I can grow them myself. So the Tabbouleh post has been delayed until I can harvest 300g of parsley. Which brings me to this wonderful homemade ricotta. I saw a photo on the Donna Hay magazine’s Instagram feed of bruschetta with…

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