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Berry and Beer Lemonade

All the beer purists should look away as this Berry and Beer Lemonade will probably annoy them. I’ve been wanting to do a beer cocktail for a while now and found the recipe for this lemonade on The Beernoness‘ blog and thought it could have quite a wide appeal. One way to think if it is a beer shandy with berries. Use a Blond Pale Ale for the lemonade as a punchier beer will be too overpowering in flavour. You…

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade l heinstirred.com

This is such a good idea. And what a fantastic way to hang on to the last few weeks of summer with glasses filled to the brim with some Frozen Watermelon Lemonade. I had quite a bit of watermelon left after another recipe I developed and decided to freeze the leftover chunks. I was thinking of doing a sorbet of some sort but drinks are always fun to create and the idea came to me on a very hot Friday…

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