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Apple Ginger and Lemon Spritzer

Summer is in full swing in Cape Town and this recipe for a homemade Apple, Ginger and Lemon Spritzer will go a long way to refresh and cool down on those long, hot days ahead. Made from scratch with a homemade fresh ginger syrup,  apple juice and fresh lemon, it makes for a refreshing drink that is made with real ingredients not overloaded with sugar. And it is made even more delicious by carbonating it in the ultra sleek BIBO Fizz…

Cucumber and Ginger Fizz

I think this Cucumber and Ginger Fizz is the perfect drink to welcome Spring. The sun is definitely setting later and this refreshing drink is a gentle forecast to those long summer nights just around the corner. The recipe calls for a ginger cordial and I used a local cordial made in Wellington by Louise Steenkamp of Wild at Heart Cocktails. I had the pleasure of meeting Louise last year when I did an article for the first issue of…

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